usb Himalayan Salt lamp

USB Salt Lamp

If you work on a computer all day and hurt from any of the normal discomforts i.e., Loss of focus, anxiety, lack of strength, failure to focus, and want to help solve these difficulties in an all natural method, Himalayan Decor International USB Salt Lamp is for you. You can have cleaner fresh air, as the Negative Ions from the Himalayan pink salt naturally purify the air you inhale. It reduces the amount of pollution from smoke, dust, and dander. The Himalayan salt lamp is hand carved and beautiful to behold.
Himalayan Bowl Shape USB Salt Lamp is available at khursheed salt. It is easy to use, you can plug it to any USB port of PC, MAC or Laptop and when it glows it creates an eye-catching view. You can not only use these lamps for decorative purpose but it is also very beneficial for health. USB Salt Lamps are perfect for those who work at the desk job.

Natural Himalayan USB Natural Globe Shape Salt Lamp is a calming, soothing and cozy table lamp to light up the whole room. Some bought one lamp at home for home decoration but more bought several lamps for their loved families, lover and friends on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, thank-you, graduation, birthday, Thanks Giving, and special occasions. Our salt lamps balanced with a nice visual sensation, embrace visitors and friends in a non-stressful, recharging moment.

note : Keep it in dry place and avoid humid environment, in case you feel wetness on product, use soaking cloth to dry it fully.

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